Myson Hi-Line Fan Convectors

Myson Hi-Line Fan Convector

The Hi-Line range offers creative use of wall space whilst keeping the heat source safely out of reach. All models are desgned for ease of fitting and can be positioned above doorways for effective heating. 

The units are easy to install, control and maintain, therefore providing a simple yet effective method of heating.  All models have a fan only option for cool air circulation.

All RC models can be used with operating temperatures as low as 32 degrees C which makes them ideally suited to heat pump applications.

 Hi-Line RC & Hi-Line RC Heater/Cooler


Engineered predominately with the domestic market in mind, the re-modelled and very discreet HI-LINE RC unit is the only remote control version of this kind that is curretly available for hot water products. 

The heater/cooler model, meanwhile, requires water chilling equipment as well as connection to the central heating system, which allows year-round application.  A range of models are available giving effective heating for various room sizes and are ideal for use with heat pumps by allowing operation at temperatures as low as 32 degrees C

Heat Output


HI-LINE RC 7-4: 1.1-2.0kW(3800-700Btu/h)

HI-LINE RC 10-6: 2.0-3.1kW(6600-10500Btu/h)

 HI-LINE RC 15-10: 3.0-4.5kW(10100-15300Btu/u)

 HI-LINE RC 20-14: 4.2-6.0kW(14350-20500Btu/h)



























Fan Convector range

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