iVECTOR - A new generation of fan convectors

The all new iVECTOR from Myson

The iVector is MYSON's latest product innovation and an exciting, energy efficient addition to our range of modern heating solutions.

The iVECTOR is the first in a new generation of intelligent fan convectors. It has been designed specifically to combine all the traditional advantage of a fan convector with a range of new product features made possible by our latest energy efficient heating technology. Overall, the iVECTOR provides and exciting package of significant benefits:

  •  Ideal for use with traditional boilers and renewable heat sources.
  • Excellent heat outputs, even when operating with lower water temperatures.
  • Compact in size, due to the large surface area of its heat exchanger.
  • Low water content, between 5-10% of the amount used in a traditional radiator with equivalent output.
  • Provides a rapid and efficient response to a building's heating and cooling requirements.
  • Suitable for both new build and renovation projects.
  • Incorporates innovative, intelligent and easy to use controls.
  • Operates almost silently as low speeds, it is our quietest fan convector ever! 

Efficient and effective performance

The iVECTOR has been designed to operate efficiently even with low flow temperatures. This means that is is a cost effective option for use with both traditional boilers and renewable technologies.

The new iVECTOR with display and controls

With renewable installations such as heat pumps, iVECTORS are a viable alternative to underfloor heating or radiators and can be installed in different rooms or on separate floors of the same building. This is because all products can operate using the same low flow temperatures.

For systems with traditional boilers, high outputs can be achieved making it ideal for domestic and commercial applications. The lower water content inside each iVECTOR means that it produces an instant heat response where needed and cools quicker when heat is no longer required. iVECTORS, therefore, waste minimal energy and have lower lifecycle costs than other fan convectors, making them a realistic alternative to traditional radiators in refurbishment projects.

The iVECTOR's low water content means it is able to respond almost immediately, rapidly heating or cooling rooms as required with minimal energy wastage.

The iVECTOR utilises a high efficiency heat exchanger, intelligent controls and fan assisted convection. This powerful combination of features enables the iVECTOR to provide a fast, accurate and co-ordinated response to the heating requirements of every room in a building.

The large surface area of the iVECTOR's heat exchanger means that units are compact in size and occupy less space than a panel radiator or equivalent output. By utilising fan convection, the iVECTOR also provides an even distribution of warm air throughout a room meaning that rooms feel more comfortable, even at lower temperatures.

In winter months, the iVECTOR rapidly supplies warmth and can automatically switch to cooling during the summer when fitted with a reverse cycle heat pump. The electronic thermostat in each iVECTOR closely monitors temperatures room by room and controls the fan speed to accurately maintain temperatures at the desired comfort level.

Intelligent and easy to use controls

The intelligent, electronic control system in every iVECTOR provides a wide range of easy to use heating and cooling operating options. Its two-teir level of programming incorporates an éasy'mode for everyday operation and a 'full'mode for more advanced functions.

  • Each iVECTOR is individually programmable.
  • 24/7 programmer with 1 hour time periods.
  • Lockable LCD backlit display.
  • Automatic and manual options for control of fan speeds.
  • Option to link to building management systems.
  • Night set-back function.
  • Programmes saved in memory for 12 hours in event of power failure.

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