Programmable Room Stats

Varies the start-up times to ensure that the building achieves temperature by the required time.  The Smart Start system is continually leaning the temperature rise requirement, delaying the start up of the system, therefore saving energy during milder weather.

Programmable room thermostats in hard wired, radio frequency (RF) and mains (MS) versions.



The easy to use programmable room stat, incorporating Smart Start technology

  • Smart Start technology (saves fuel by delaying heating
    ‘start up’ on warm days) 
  • Easy to programme with three adjustable temperature settings 
  • 2 in 1 programmable thermostat 24 hour or 7 day
    (installer set up option) 
  • Backlit display with easy to follow instructions 
  • One hour high temperature boost button 
  • All 24 hour temperature settings shown on display 
  • Volt free 2 wire connection, ideal for combination boilers 
  • Service required (installer set up option) 
  • Holiday override 1 – 99 days
  • OIL/GAS boiler setting
  • Load compensation
  • Lockable keypad


Incorporates all the features of MPRT with the addition of:

  • Wireless, radio frequency connection 
  • Stand - program and locate thermostat wherever you wish.


  • A mains supply version of the MPRT.
  • No batteries required.

MPRT Hard Wired Installation Instructions
MPRT Hard Wired User Instructions
MPRT RF Installation Instructions
MPRT RF User Instructions 


























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