Thermostatic Radiator Valves


Myson TRV2WAY thermostatic valves

  • Conformation to BS EN215-1
  • Maximum operating pressure 10 Bar
  • Maximum water temperature 120°C
  • Maximum differential pressure 0.6 Bar
  • Equal/equal connections enable the standard
    valve body to be fitted vertically or horizontally. 
  • Sensing element is liquid filled.
  • Hysteresis < 0.5°K
  • Finish options polished chrome, satin brass or nickel.
  • Controlling range 8 - 28°C.
  • Available in the UK to suit pipe sizes 8, 10, 15, 22mm 
    1/2" and 3/4" bsp
  • Available in Ireland to suit 1/2" an 3/4" pipe sizes
  • Available in pushfit (see PPV range)















The Myson TRV2Way is the most complete thermostatic radiator valve range available for today’s central heating systems, incorporating Myson’s unique ‘2-way’ engineering, including the Myson patented ‘bonding’ technique.

The product range incorporates standard compression connection, elbow compression and push-fit connection (see the complete PPV range), and combination compression/iron pipe connections.


 The latest developments to the Myson TRV2Way will simplify installation and remove the worry of costly callbacks. The Myson TRV2Way is available in chrome, nickel or brass finish. Also in the range is an 8/10/15mm valve, for the installer or supplier who wishes to stock only the one universal valve. 

The Myson TRV2Way has a liquid sensor fitted at its heart, so the homeowner will be guaranteed years of accurate and trouble free temperature control, with the advantage of saving up to 17% on their heating bills (Government figures). As the homeowner saves money, the environment will benefit from the reduction of harmful gas emissions. 

Voted the most popular choice in the independent ‘Ricability’ report 2004, the Myson TRV2Way is the only choice for the professional installer, the homeowner, specifier and Local Authority.


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