Recent projects

Heating Supplies have provided heating solutions for a range of projects, from multimillion dollar homes in Queenstown and Christchurch, to office blocks, occupational therapy units and many personal dwellings.

Below is a sample of some of the projects we have recently completed.

Pinnacles - Queenstown

Underfloor heating system with OJ Electronic controls

Pinnacles installation

Installation at Pinnacles in Queenstown

St John of God rehabilitation wing

Rehabilitation Centre at St John of God hospital in Christchurch 

Install in West Melton near Christchurch

Aitken - Queenstown

Underfloor heating system with Daiken heat pump and OJ Electronic controls.

Office block - Timaru

Underfloor heating system with a diesel boild and OJ Electronic controls.

1,000sqm home - Clearwater, Christchurch

Underfloor heating system and swimming pool using a heat pump, diesel boilers and solar panels with OJ Electronic Controls

Hospital Rehabilitation Centre - St John of God, Christchurch

Underfloor heating system with OJ Electronic controls.

New home - West Melton

Underfloor heating system on Cupilex with solar, buffer vessel and heat pump using OJ Electronic controls. Purmo Radiators with gas boiler.

New Home - Riccarton

Purmo Radiator setup with diesel boiler.



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