Sunshine Solar New Generation Evacuated Tubes


  Sunshine Solar
This is the most popular type of solar tube around the world. It has been around for 20 years and is still going strong. They are very cost effective and show excellent all year round performance. The evacuation of the tube means low conductive and convective heat losses in times of low ambient temperatures and in wind. Sunshine Solar Solar Panels
 Sunshine Solar Evacuated Tubes


The kit set includes powder coated aluminium and Rockwool insulated manifold, powder coated marine grade aluminium alloy frame, triple spluttered 58mm diameter evacuated tubes, 3 speed bronze Wilo pump, fully automatic smart SR868CQ Intelligent controller, full commissioning to maximum efficiency.


How does it work?

An evacuated tube is a glass tube with a vacuum inside of it.  This is a similar principle to that of double glassing, stopping most conductive and reflective heat losses.  Inside the tube is a copper pipe encasing a heat transfer liquid that transfers the heat to the top of the heat pipe element section of the tube which in turn heats the water in the manifold. This liquid is cooled by the water flowing past and as such convects back to the base of the copper heat pipe to be reheated. This cycle continues taking heat from the collector area to the element part of the heat pipe providing a very efficient heat transfer mechanism to the hot water supply to your cylinder.  Aluminum fins coated with highly conductive Aluminum Nitride increase the collector area of each heat pipe. A reflector behind the tube concentrates the sunlight that shines through the gaps in the tube back into the tube.

Sunshine Solar single evacuated tubeSunshine Solar evacuated tubes manifoldSunshine Solar evacuated tubes on a tile roof

Sunshine Solar Performance specifications

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